As a parent, whose 3 children attended Montgomery County public schools Robin Ficker appreciates the special importance of the Montgomery County Public Schools to our county’s “crown jewel.” Yet today every child in our county no longer receives a “Montgomery County" quality education. During the past decade, while Robin’s opponents were in office, fewer and fewer MCPS are listed in the ranking tables as being among the best schools in the country. In fact, just within the state of Maryland, by virtually all single educational performance metrics, the Howard County Schools now surpass MCPS.

As an engineering degree holder, Robin appreciates the benefit in challenging students with math and science classes. MCPS needs to be held more accountable by the county government, with more emphasis on the classroom, not on administration. Students and their families struggling to learn English can be helped with "English Saturdays.” MCPS needs to more closely work with the county’s libraries. Children that read a great deal are inevitably booming successes in later life.

Montgomery County with 18% of the state school students and 40% now of the state's new students has been getting only 12 % of the state's school's school construction money. Our State Delegation has not been getting our fair share and needs to step up their efforts.